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 & Get To Know Rasie

STEP 2: Apply Now To See If You Qualify

Now that you know more about me and the leaders I help, you are ready to take the next necessary step and move forward with your leadership coaching sooner, you can apply now. 


My RB Jumpstart Process is designed to help you get the guidance and RESULTS that you desire in your leadership and career.


I knew the moment I met Rasie that she was someone I wanted as my leadership coach, so I promptly scheduled a meeting.


During our first encounter, she was so warm and approachable that I felt comfortable to admit where I needed support. She is an excellent role model and an authentic leader.


She is an organized, compassionate, talented, and insightful leadership coach. Additionally, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that she could easily point out what I needed to work on for me to become a more effective leader in my community. This is something I have been trying to resolve on my own for several years but could not do it alone.


My productivity significantly improved after I completed the first 90 mins of the Jumpstart Your Leadership Call. I gained a greater sense of empowerment and was able to accomplish all my goals effectively within the time frames planned.


She has tremendous credibility and a great edge as a leadership coach because of her incredible background and experience. She always provides a comfortable and inspiring environment for our coaching session and conversations.

Investing in me and hiring Rasie as my Leadership coach has helped me make great steps towards my goals.


Learning how to deal with conflict at my current job has been very manageable with Rasie’s Jumpstart Process.


Having a leadership coach has changed how I look at each day now.  From not waiting to do a post on social media, to making me ACCOUNTABLE makes me make that game plan to be ACCOUNTABLE. 


Rasie has made me accountable when I waver and reminds me to stick to my goals and dreams. She will ask the hard questions that you do not want to answer and go deeper to help me discover my truth.


I have chosen to work with RB Jumpstart Coaching for the next year because I would like to move or change my career. 


Working with Rasie is helping me to be consistent, motivated, have value for me, learning that the why is bigger than you, and controlling only what you can control. I would recommend working with this wonderful leadership coach as she has changed my life again. ​



I am a Director of Clinical Services in my organization. I am responsible for the clinical aspects of more than six programs in the entire Agency. Managing processes and procedures of all Clinical aspects in the entire Agency.


I am more organized and consistent with momentum in meeting my professional goals and objectives after working with Rasie.


I continued to work with her because, I am able to see myself changing and adhering to my desires in meeting my professional aspirations and navigating through office politics.


I ABSOLUTELY achieved my goals through Rasie’s Jumpstart Process. 


I will recommend anyone facing the problems and stuck in making the same mistakes at work to seek her professional consultation and guidance to grow and transform through whatever they may face.  


I am ABSOLUTELY satisfied with my results.


I am thoroughly satisfied with your expertise.


I can see myself in a different light growing in my Agency and adjusting to whatever comes my way for a brighter and happier future.

I have been running my business for about a year. I wanted to lead my life better by achieving more progressive and consistent approach with 100% success rate in areas I wanted to achieve. 


I practiced gratefulness, celebrated small and big win, complete a time management process, took notes, and found clarity to speak up and step up in my self leadership and of others.  


Before working with Rasie, I felt stuck, not flowing and I felt that I was not progressing. After completing Rasie’s 6 weeks Jumpstart Process, I was able to achieve multiple functions that helped me get unstuck. It helped me flow accordingly to how I wanted to. 


The best result I achieved the most was creating time. I was able to find more clarity, be consistent and say my affirmations regularly.


I am more consistent, and practice effective self talk because of completing my sessions with Rasie. I am very satisfied and if you are thinking of working with Rasie, you should do it. ​



Rasie is the best when it comes to helping her clients to be persistence in their leadership journey.


She is very open minded and knows how to get the best out of her clients.


My admiration of her work is top notch because she is very disciplined when she is determined to get things done. Rasie is your go to person if you want to develop leaders in your organization or group of companies.


Alpha B. Timbo - BA,MIR- Personal Results Coach,

Motivational Speaker

Rasie Bamigbade stands out already above others because of her capacity to truly walk the talk.


What she teaches, stands for or coaches her clients on are all things she's done herself. She's dedicated to constantly becoming a better version of herself with her mindset, knowledge, skillset and work.


You can definitely witness the width of impact she has on others by her clients testimonials, but also by the comments she gets on her posts.


When it has to do with leadership coaching, Rasie is definitely your go-to person.


Fabienne Raphaël Creator of the DREAM Method,

Business Coach

I have watched Rasie grow with her business and never met anyone so dedicated and hard working.


Her determination is to be applauded. Rasie's success is inevitable.


She knows her stuff and I would highly recommend her coaching business to anyone. Rasie has a great sense of humour and yet remains calm and focused. 


 Sue Lewington-Bide,

Mental Fitness Coach

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